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I consider myself lucky to have inherited thick and wavy hair from my family genes. I have always favoured the messy hair vibe, so much so that my mother demanded that I have my hair cut incredibly short for a good few years of my childhood. This was punishment for not brushing my hair which often had the remnants of leaves and twigs in it from tree climbing adventures!

I have never owned hair straighteners or curling tongs or any other appliance to change the style of my hair, now this could be down to my preference for messy hair or the fact that I am incredibly clumsy and the thought of hot metal near my head freaks me out a lot!

I don’t have a structure to my visits to the hairdressers, I simply book an appointment as and when I feel that my hair is getting out of control. Normally this is when my fringe begins to interfere with my vision! I tend to always ask for a dry cut as this saves water and eliminates the stage where you are offered lots of ‘fancy’ products that may be full of chemicals and have other environmental downfalls such as being tested on animals for example. This method also saves me money because I am not stuck in a regular pattern of haircuts, and dry cuts tend to be cheaper.

I have found an independent hairdresser who I have become good friends with, and I really love the fact that my custom is supporting a self-employed individual in my local area. If you can, then why not try and hunt out your most local and independent hairdresser rather than being sucked in to the glitz and glamour of the larger chains.

I am incredibly unimaginative with my hairstyle, I really do just wash, brush and go! My current hair brush is one of the first things that I ever purchased in an environmentally conscious way. I reckon that I bought this hairbrush about twelve years ago and it’s still going strong!

I chose this hairbrush because its main material is FSC certified wood, which is much more sustainable than plastic which is the more common material that hairbrushes are made from. The pad and the bristles are still plastic so this is by no means a perfect solution in terms of the environmental impact, but its a step in right direction. My hairbrush was purchased from Boots but as it was so long ago i am not sure that they still sell this exact one.

Do you embrace your hair in its natural state or have you got a favourite eco hairbrush? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Janet says:

    I actually often have hair envy of your lovely hair!
    My hair is fine and thin, if I just washed and left it then it would be very flat. If could do it in style I would just give up on my hair and wear scarves or hats instead.

  • Lesley Anne Rickard says:

    I haven’t bought a new hairbrush for many years – they don’t seem to wear out! I use soap to wash my hair – not shampoo bars – just real vegetable soap e.g. olive oil soap. When I first started using it my hair felt like sheep’s wool so I used a white vinegar rinse to reset the pH balance and it came out really shiny. Now I just use the vinegar every 3rd wash – seems to do the trick. Every now and then I put organic cold-pressed coconut oil on the ends to stop them getting too dry. There really is no need for shampoo (especially in plastic bottles) and definitely no need for conditioners either.

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