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When someone asks me what they can do to start living more sustainably I always start by asking if they have switched to a renewable energy provider. Making this switch is simple, quick to do and has a big impact.

If you have not already switched your energy supply, the chances are that your energy is derived from fossil fuels such as coal or oil. Fossil fuels are burned in order to produce energy, and this process of burning releases carbon dioxide (Co2) into the atmosphere at alarming rates. Co2 alongside other gases such as methane and nitrous oxide are grouped together under the term, greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases, as suggested by their name trap heat in our atmosphere, and therefore they are a leading cause of climate change.

The impacts of climate change will have catastrophic impacts on the survival of human life on the planet, through things such as an increase in extreme weather events, rising sea levels and inhabitable environments. So, we absolutely need to be doing whatever we can to minimise the impacts that climate change could have in the near future, if we want to continue the survival of the human species.

A really easy step you can make to help the fight against climate change is to switch from fossil fuel derived energy supply to a renewable energy supplier. Renewable energy is produced using natural resources such as wind, sun light and water, otherwise known and wind energy, solar power and hydro power. These resources are naturally reproduced and creating energy from them has a much lower impact on the climate and the environment.

Solar panels in a field

As well as the environmental incentive to switch to renewable energy, it can often be a money saving action too, so what’s not to love about this action!?

Ready to make the switch? Here’s how to do that:


Do some research

You can browse the websites of the many renewable energy providers to find the one you like most, or the best deal. Alternatively, you can use a comparison site that will bring all the providers together and show you the deals all in one place. Common comparison sites include: Uswitch, Compare the market and Simply switch.

Request to switch

Once you have chosen a new renewable energy supplier their website, or the comparison website will make it very easy to request to switch your supply. Usually you will need to provide some key information such as the name of your existing supplier, your contact details and perhaps meter readings. Then the rest of the communication and work will be done for you by the comparison site or the supplier that you have chosen. They will converse, switch the supply and work out any remaining balance that you need to pay for energy used up until the switch date.

Pat yourself on the back!

Once you have paid off your remaining balance with your old supplier then the switch will be complete, and you can officially say that you are a supporter of renewable energy

Share your knowledge

The action you have taken by switching can be made even more powerful by sharing your newfound knowledge with your family, friends or perhaps even your workplace. Encourage everyone you know to make the switch to renewable energy.

My current energy supplier is Octopus Energy and if you would like to switch to them as a provider then please email me so that I can give you a special offer code. If you would like to research other suppliers, I recommend using the Ethical Consumer guide to find the supplier that you like best. The guide might also show you where your current supplier ranks in terms of ethics and sustainability which is a great way to see how impactful this action could be for you.

I hope that this post has inspired you to take action and make the switch! A super easy, and impactful thing you can do to become more sustainable right now! As always please get in touch with me if you have any questions about this.

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