Lavender Eye Pillow


Beautifully handmade eye pillows


Beautifully handmade eye pillows filled with home-grown organic lavender and a variety of natural grains. Perfect for soothing and relaxing tired eyes, sore heads and helping you to completely unwind and chill out. These can be used as part of your yoga routine, migraine soother, sleep aid or just for simple relaxation purposes.

These eye pillows can be gently heated in a microwave for a few seconds for a soothing warm feeling. If you prefer a cool relief then simply pop the eye pillow into a plastic bag (recycled preferably) and place into your freezer for a short while.

Each eye pillow is lovingly handmade in West Cornwall using high quality, repurposed fabric selected especially for its feel and weight. This means that each eye pillow is entirely unique. Some fabrics are used for small batches but each eye pillow has its own little personality.

Please choose from the fabrics available as listed, but if theres a particular eye pillow you want then do let me know before placing your order to ensure it is still available. If you just love all the fabrics then let me choose for you by selecting the “Surprise me” option!

What a lovely gift to yourself or a loved one who deserves a little ‘me time’.

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 27 × 11.5 × 6 cm

"Ditsy floral", "Grey pinstripe", Rose checkered", "Grey linen", "Surprise me"

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