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—–This post contains an affiliate link for a tool that I truly love and believe in—–

Living in a more sustainable way can be a daunting prospect, we all want to do our best to help the planet but often we just don’t know where to begin. The global environmental problems seem so large that our small actions can seem pointless. But we all have to start somewhere and no matter how small, every eco action is a step in the right direction.  I am about to introduce you to a straightforward tool that will transform the way that you shop, saving you time and energy all whilst helping the environment!

Online shopping has become more and more popular, especially since the start of the pandemic. But the internet is a big place and that often makes it tricky to find the most sustainable option when looking for a particular product. As much as we might want to, there isn’t always time to research products or to shop around to ensure we are buying the most sustainable product. Or let’s be honest, sometimes we simply forget to even think about it, and jumping onto Amazon is just the easiest thing to do at that moment. I am pleased to say that there is now an effortless solution to our unethical shopping habits….

The Beagle button is a free browser extension that automatically recommends sustainable alternatives when you are searching for products. Through extensive research, the team at Beagle Button have hunted down thousands of sustainable alternatives for you. Using strict criteria, they ensure that the alternatives suggested are truly sustainable meaning that you do not need to worry about being greenwashed. You can even select your preferences so that you are shown products that align with your key values, for example, vegan products, or those made in the UK. It really is your new best friend when it comes to shopping guilt free! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the FREE browser extension
  2. Select your shopping preferences
  3. Start shopping as you normally would (Amazon, Asos etc)
  4. The Beagle button will highlight if it has found a sustainable alternative
  5. Click to discover the alternative product
  6. If you like the suggested product then buy it right there and then
  7. Enjoy the warm feeling that you have made a sustainable purchase!

This spells the end of trawling the internet for the best sustainable options! 

Lots of people can feel really overwhelmed with the number of sustainable products on offer, or simply don’t know about sustainable options in the first place. This tool is brilliant for people that are new to sustainability as it will link you to lots of great retailers that you may not have discovered by yourself. But even for those of us that consider ourselves seasoned sustainable shoppers, the tool might just remind us of a better option, or reacquaint us with a brand we’d forgotten about so it really is a tool for everyone!

I’ve only just started using The Beagle Button myself, but I can already see how useful it’s going to be. I think it will be particularly good at Christmas time when I am searching for gifts for my friends and family.

So what are you waiting for!? If you would like to change the way you shop then click here to get started.

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