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Its no secret… I love books! The concept of a kindle or e-reader is just not something that I have been able to get on board with. I completely understand that in many ways they offer a more environmentally friendly way to read, and are better in terms of minimalism, but I just love the feel of a real book.

If like me you are a fan of books, there are some things that can be done to make your reading habit better for the environment. I was recently invited to join an online community called Book Swap. Book Swap does what it says on the tin, it allows people from anywhere in the country to swap their books.

You can list books that you have as ‘offers’ and you can create a wish list of books that you would like to read. If someone orders one your listed books, you receive all the details needed to post the book to them, including free postage labels. Each time you send a book to a fellow swapper you gain a point. When you order a book you will need to pay a small fee to cover postage, but if you have points then this fee is reduced.

I have already swapped my copy of ‘I am Malala’, and Ive ordered a copy of Sally Rooneys ‘Normal People’. The tv series got me through the first lockdown, so now feels like a perfect time to read the book!

I am Malala book front cover
Normal People book cover

There are all sorts of books listed on Book Swap from fact to fiction and every genre that you can think off. I have already found myself discovering new authors and books that I would not normally come across, which is a great for expanding ones horizons.

The idea of book swapping ties in with my previous post on de-cluttering and minimalism, because it prevents you from holding on to books that you have already read, and allows you to create space for new books to enjoy. It also gives the books more chances to be read any enjoyed by many people rather than collecting dust on a bookshelf.

So are you ready to get swapping?

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