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Amongst the utter chaos that the Coronavirus has bought to the global economy and our everyday lives, there are little glimmers of hope. Little visions of a better way of life. One of the positive outcomes of this nasty virus is the strengthening of communities. Neighbours are looking out for each other; our key-workers are finally getting the recognition they deserve, and small businesses are clinging on, thanks to consumers who are choosing to support their local economy.

There are many positive and creative initiatives popping up such as virtual choirs and sewing projects, but my favourite of all is one of the simplest ideas. Children and adults are coming together to adorn their windows with handcrafted rainbows to spread some joy for passers-by on their daily exercise break. This really works, my town is covered in rainbows and it genuinely cheers me up each time I spot a newly decorated window.

Whilst the children are off school, this is a brilliant way to teach them about looking out for others and realising the importance of building community spirit and their place within that.

This is my contribution:

A painted rainbow banner in a window

Have you joined in with this activity, if so Id love to see your rainbows! Keep well, keep safe and keep spreading little bits of joy!

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