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Single use plastic has been a big talking point over the past few years, largely thanks to David Attenborough’s Blue Planet tv series. We have faced our love affair with plastic head on and many of us now realise that we need to make some changes in order to protect the natural environment and ourselves. But where to begin?

Each year since 2011 there has been a global month of action in the form of a campaign called Plastic Free July. I’ll be telling you lots more about this campaign in a future blog post, but the idea is that individuals make a pledge to reduce their use of single use plastic for the month of July. There are various levels of pledges and timescales from one day to the whole month, so this campaign is really accessible for anyone and everyone to get involved.

I have tried for several years to commit to a whole month of plastic free and I have failed each time. This year I had a thought- How about we all try and do it together?

So, I have set up a Facebook support group in which I will be giving you hints, tips and ideas about how you can eliminate single use plastic from your life. This space is also open for you to ask questions, share ideas and gain some motivation to keep going with the plastic free mission. The group is open now so that we can work on preparing ourselves ahead of starting the Plastic Free July challenge. I have often found that a lack of planning has led to me stumbling at the first hurdle! A few weeks of preparation and a host of buddies seems like the best way for me to try and really reduce my plastic usage this year.

Are you up for joining me?


Plastic Free July logo

** If facebook is not for you, stick here as there will be more blog posts coming over the next few weeks to help you to reduce the plastic in your life too!

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