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Switching to a sustainable lifestyle is not something that can be achieved over night, actually I’d recommend giving yourself a few transitional years and a commitment to a lifetime of learning.

There are so many actions we can take to make our lifestyles friendlier to our planet and all its inhabitants. This plethora of options can seem so overwhelming that people stop before they have even started. My advice is to break it down into small steps and actions. Just do one thing a week, a month, a quarter, whatever feels manageable to you. Each small change does make a difference and once you start it becomes easier and easier.

A really simple switch that you could start with, or one to add to a list of switches if you are further into your sustainable journey, is a recyclable tooth brush head. Plastic toothbrushes are one the big culprits of plastic pollution in water ways and marine environments, as well as landfills. Most regular toothbrushes are made from a mix of plastic types and this makes them almost impossible to recycle, and if you think that most toothbrushes are used for around 3 months before they are disposed, then thats a lot of pieces of plastic sitting around on our planet for ever more!

There has been a massive trend for bamboo toothbrushes over the past few years, and whilst they are a great alternative to single use plastic, I am not a massive fan! I do own one which I use for solo trips away, or camping etc. but for everyday use I prefer to use an electric toothbrush. Its something about the texture of bamboo on the tongue!! I have however, always hated the waste created when replacing the toothbrush head, so I was delighted when I came across an eco alternative by a brand called Live Coco.

Live Coco logo

Live Coco have been on their own sustainability journey as a company after learning that their original line of coconut based products was actually causing more harm than good. Undeterred by this realisation, the company have slowly transformed their products and working practices to become as sustainable as they can be. An inspiring and genuine story of growth.

Today Live Coco produce a range of personal care products from toothbrush heads to deodorants and even a dog shampoo bar!

Electric toothbrush heads with toothpaste tablets

I recently purchased a pack of recyclable tooth brush heads, the answer to my previous concerns over the waste I was generating. There are a variety of pack sizes and options, but in essence you get toothbrush heads that look and feel just like the regular ones you can get from the big brands. The difference is, that Live Coco operate a fully closed loop recycling system, so you can send your used toothbrush heads back to them and they will ensure that they a recycled. The recycling partner transforms the toothbrush heads back into liquid plastic which can be used to make picnic benches, fences and many other products! How great is that!?

This is exactly the sort of innovation that I think we need. Sustainable living does not mean that you have to go without, or sacrifice everything that you love. It just requires us to think a little differently about the items we use and how we dispose of them.

If this switch sounds like one you would like to make, you can get 10% off our your purchase by using my code: SUSTAINABLEDEEDS10

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