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—–This post contains affiliate links for products that I truly love and believe in—–

So believe it or not we find ourselves tipping over into March again! And that means that Mothers Day is coming up. Mother’s Day is another annual date that I struggle with because it feels so commercialised and it can be a trigger for many people for obvious reasons. But having said that, I am all up for showing appreciation to mothers of all kinds if you want to!

Gift buying is also one of my favorite things to do because I love hunting out the perfect item for the receiver. So this year I thought I would give you some inspiration to help you if you are on the lookout for something lovely gift to your mother.

Every time I am looking for a really beautiful or unique gift I head straight to a website called Etsy. Etsy is a worldwide platform of independent makers and creators and it is packed full of wonderful products that make great gifts for all ages, genders, relations, etc. It’s a real treasure trove.

I am a huge believer in shopping locally and supporting the small independent businesses on your doorstep, Etsy has a great feature in that you can search for makers in your local area, I highly encourage you to have a little look into the artists and creators close to where you live.

As many of you will know, I live in Cornwall, UK which is a particularly creative part of the country. Here I bring you ten Cornish makers that you could support by choosing a Mothers Day gift from their Etsy shops. My selection seems to have become very focused on the theme of nature and female makers, which was not my original intention, but seems fitting for the spring season and the occasion of Mothers Day!

Kicking off with my favorite jeweler of all time! If your mama is a colour lover then you cannot go wrong with a necklace or pair earrings from Sea Pink Studio. I have a couple of these necklaces and they just make me smile each time I put them on.

Sticking with the jewelry theme, Roberta Hopkin’s creations are beautiful and really unusual too. These are on the pricier end of the gift scale, but a great option if siblings want to club together to purchase a really special joint gift for their mum.

If you want to treat your mum to a bit of pampering time then how about some lovely self-care products from Suddy Nora. There is a specific Mothers Day Gift Box, which is a great option for a ready-to-go gift. You can choose which scent you would like, or if you want to create your own then you could just choose a selection of the beautifully wrapped soap bars.

Another great option for pampering products is Bloomtown. All of their products are palm oil-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, so a perfect gift option for an eco-conscious, earth-loving mum. Again there are options for gift boxes or you can create your own by selecting a few different products.

If your mum is a creative soul with a love of handcrafted creations then look no further than the incredibly intricate handmade paper pieces made by Nature of Paper. This is a lovely long-lasting alternative to flowers that are going to perish within weeks.

Staying with a floral theme, Particle Press makes really pretty illustrated products, everything from soaps to lampshades. I love the delicate details of the illustrations used, with so many colourful blooms and little birds, etc. All of their products make perfect gifts for mums.

Another great option for flower fans is Alison Bick, creator of striking and colorful floral homewares. Be it a lampshade or a print, Alison’s artwork makes for a really special stand-out gift that is bound to bring a smile to your mum’s face.

If your mum is an animal lover then Natalie Toms may just have your back! Natalie is one of the most talented artists I have ever come across, and I have had the pleasure of watching her at work several times. The attention to detail and life-like quality of Natalie’s art is breathtaking. There is a great range of products for all budgets here too, from coasters and tea towels to one-of-a-kind prints.

I always think that ceramic items are great gifts because they seem like the sort of thing that you do not treat yourself to. So if you have a mum that just has everything, chances are that she does not have a stunning piece of Amy Cooper’s ceramics. Amy’s creations blend light and the delicate quality of porcelain perfectly. Again this would be a perfect option for siblings looking to join forces on a gift purchase.

Last but by no means least, how about an adorable porcelain ornament from Julia Crimmen? Julia’s work is so sweet and her pieces make a perfect gift to give from a young child, or children as they have a real mother/child nurturing vibe. The animals with a heart or star above them seem perfectly fitting for Mother’s Day.

So there you go, a great list of Cornish makers that you could choose from to buy your mum a really lovely and memorable gift this year. If you are not from Cornwall and want to find a similar gift from a maker near you then head to Etsy and have an explore. Etsy has been very helpful by curating a whole host of ideas of perfect Mothers Day Gifts which makes the gift search a bit easier.

I hope that this has been helpful and given you an insight into some of the wonderful independent companies that are out there. Next time you find yourself heading towards the likes of Amazon for a gift try and steer yourself instead to somewhere like Etsy. Shop small, support independence, and your purchase will literally make a person do a happy dance!

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